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Heavy Duty Bulk Bags

What are Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags are otherwise known as ‘Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers’ or FIBC bags. They are produced from strong and durable strands of polypropylene, finely woven together.

Why use Bulk Bags?

Universal Packaging are the UK’s leading supplier specializing in flat woven polypropylene FIBC Bulk Bags which can be used in various industries including recycling, chemical,  construction, manufacturing, agricultural and feed trades.

Bulk bags are an ideal packaging solution for the easy filling, discharging, storing and transporting of materials such as aggregates, logs and granules.

Universal Packaging Bulk Bags

We supply a wide range of bulk bag sizes up to 2m high and 1200kg weight. Our bulk bags are durable and flexible, polypropylene, woven FIBC Bulk Bags designed for easy use with 4 lifting loops. We can supply large quantity orders up to 10,000 at highly competitive prices. 

We have available open top and flat bottom FIBC Bulk Bag in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. We stock a large range of plain FIBC Bulk Bags which means we can deliver to UK and Ireland as quickly as you need.

Contact Universal Packaging today to find out how we can help you with the right Bulk Bag solution for your needs.

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