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How Octabins can meet your packaging needs: profile on the Food Industry

Sustainable food packaging is high on the agenda particularly with the introduction of
a tax on plastic bags in shops with many retailers opting for recyclable alternatives
for their customers. This casts the spotlight on the reduction of plastic use in other
food supply chain areas as businesses seek to respond to consumers changing
attitudes towards protecting the environment. This push towards businesses
enhancing their commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in Industry
market analysis which suggests Octabins are growing enormously in popularity as a
food packaging choice.

When it comes to food packaging and storage, Octabins provide an environmentally friendly
alternative to plastic sacks or smaller containers which are often the default option. Octabins
are large containers that are used on an industrial scale within sectors of the food industry,
particularly for the storage of dry products. Octabins are a sturdy form of bulk packaging
which is food industry compliant and suitable for packaging and containerising free
flowing products such as granules, powders and flaked products. Octabins are
usually available brand new or in reconditioned use. At Universal Bags and
Packaging we supply both types which can hold loads up to 1 tonne.

The UK’s first trust in food index reveals the high level of public trust in UK food standards
and packaging plays a key part in this, particularly for the avoidance of contamination. New
Octabins comply with food standards in a number of ways. Moreover, where required,
Octabins can be made to conform with UKAS and BSI standards to provide additional
assurance that a particular type of Octabin meets your packaging and storage needs and
those of your customers. Octabins come in standardized sizes and in the food industry,
usage of plastic pallets for lifting Octabins is advised.

Octabins are also used for fresh produce such as vegetables. At Universal Bags and
Packaging, we supply food producers from farms to nut producers because Octabins are
well suited to a wide range of conditions and environments.
From a branding perspective, new Octabins offer the additional benefit in that they can be
produced and printed to a businesses’ specific requirements, in turn, presenting a
professional brand for your product.

For further information on how Octabins can help you meet your packaging needs in the
food industry contact Universal Packaging and Bulk Bags today.

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