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How Octabins can meet your packaging needs: profile on the Plastics Recycling Industry

How Octabins can meet your packaging needs: profile on the Plastics Recycling Industry

Universal Bags and Packaging are a leading provider of Octabins to a wide range of sectors including the Plastics industry. We supply a range of businesses across the supply chain including manufacturers and recycling companies. 

Why packaging is important for the Plastics recycling industry

According to GOV.UK “Recycled plastic is plastic that has been reprocessed from recovered material by using a chemical or manufacturing process.”

Plastic waste can be complicated to identify and process because there are so many different types. It is vitally important that only plastics of the same type are mixed together and remain separate. This is because if even a small amount of the wrong type of plastic contaminates another, it can cause problems for the processing company to recycle it into new products.

Are Octabins suitable for specialist plastic recycling?

Hard plastics must be reduced in size before they can be melted down and recycled into new products. Shredding can reduce plastics into shards of various sizes. However, often the plastic is refined further through grinding into tiny particles millimetres thick. This is a favoured technique of plastic bottle recyclers, for example.

Plastic grinding (also known as plastic granulation or plastic reprocessing) refers to the process of taking plastic waste and reducing its size to standard particle sizes so that the plastic can be recycled usually, into the plastics moulding and manufacturing supply chain.

Once the plastic grinding process is complete, the regrind will need to be packaged and stored suitably. For this reason, Octabins are a popular and durable packaging choice for the transportation and storage of bulk granulated plastics. Our Octabins can be supplied with a filler spout and discharge spout to offer processers more options on how to use the regrind as part of their moulding or manufacturing operations.

Our Octabins are made from industrial grade corrugated board, in an octagonal shaped pack consisting of a base, sleeve and lid, which can be self assembled. They combine heavy-duty durability with a minimal additional weight load, making them the perfect option for reducing transport carbon emissions.

Can Octabins be used for other types of plastic recycling?

Plastics are pervasive in every industry nowadays from plumbing and heating, general building, drainage systems, water supply amongst others. This generates different types of plastic waste such as: products reaching end of life such as utility pipe; redundant; manufacturers defects. These items can be supplied to plastic recyclers and manufacturers.

Our Octabins are a common choice for several large plastics companies for the storage of bulk quantity, loose plastic waste suitable for safe transportation to plastics recyclers and manufacturers. Octabins are designed to endure the entire supply chain and are stackable to minimize storage space and reduce transport costs. This means they offer significant cost savings compared with alternative bulk containers. Finally, Octabins are the most environmentally friendly containers because they are made from a renewable natural resources and are totally recyclable.

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