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What are Octabins?

Octabin is a standardized container of large dimensions. Octabins are made of thick corrugated cardboard and provide good dry product protection.

Octabins are large proportioned, thick corrugated cardboard boxes made to hold extremely heavy products including up to 1 tonne in weight in some cases. They can come in a range of sizes and are ideal for storing granules of plastics, powders, resins and other dry products Their octagonal shape makes them stronger than conventional pallet boxes meaning they are less likely to buckle under extreme force. However, they are a standardised container sturdily designed to fit on a standard wooden pallet for transportation on road, air or sea.

Why Choose an Octabins?

Cardboard Octabins offer a range of benefits including:

  • Dry Product Protection
  • Maintenance of Product Quality
  • Range of size dimensions to meet a wide range of product packaging needs
  • Base and lid to make filling and discharge easier

For these reasons Octabins are ideal heavy duty shipping boxes. 

Universal Packaging Octabins

We are a major supplier of new and used, 1 Tonne Heavy Duty Octabins. Our best selling Octabin size is 1660mm X 1075 mm X 1075mm. The Octabin is stitched and glued and comes complete with one base cap and one lid.  We can deliver within 24 hours anywhere in UK & Ireland. We also stock other sizes at competitive prices. 

Half ton and 1 ton new octabins and good quality once used octabins in stock. 

Contact Universal Packaging today to find out how we can help you with the right Octabin solution for your needs.

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Our stock Octabin size is 1660mm X 1075 mm X 1075mm – complete with one base cap and one lid. All other sizes in stock at competitive prices.

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